Quick tip before hiring a copywriter.

Today’s blog post is a useful nugget of information that I stumbled across by Jesse Forrest. You can find his work here, or take his short lesson on Skillshare.

He provides these useful definitions that are worthy of consideration.

“Copywriting is about inspiring action.”

“Content writing is about educating, informing, inspiring and building relationships.”

When hiring a writer, you can easily throw in the word copywriter. However, it may be worth considering whether you actually want a copywriter or not.

A copywriter plays a very distinct role in the sales process. Their work, inspiring action, can be statistically analysed because you can measure the data before and after. This means that their value can be easily shown. Their work allows you to get customer engagement up and this could be anything from subscribing to making a purchase. Get this right and you grow your client base dramatically, get it wrong and even the perfect service is lost in chasm of the internet. If your new website landing page gets you 1000 new paying customers don’t be surprised if you spend a larger portion of money on this short piece of writing. Remember to choose your copywriter carefully!

Content writers on the other hand often provide the quantity. Their important work reflects the shift advertising has made because of the internet. People use the internet in very specific ways and last week we saw the tiny amount of time users can spend on your site. Cold sale advertising is waving goodbye and your content must engage. It may not be quantifiable but that doesn’t mean it lacks value. Consider this basic math.

You care about 100 people. You personally connect with them. You provide things of value for them. This community grows to love you and is willing to give you £1000. You make £100,000.

The alternative.

You find 100,000 people to give you a £1.

Hopefully that shows you the power of followers and removes the need to chase millions of subscribers and followers. A few loyal fans make a huge difference. Getting your everyday content writing right makes a huge difference. Just don’t expect you will be able to log that data quite so easily or to get immediate results.

So, when out-sourcing writing work perhaps you can think about which person you are trying to hire?

Do you need help with getting your customer interaction up (copywriter)?

Do you need to connect with customers (content writer)?

You will inevitably need both at some point. There is also going to be overlap but I hope that this little nugget could help you consider which area of your brand you need to focus on and what words to throw out there when asking writers for help.

This month is copywriting month at Sogol and we continue to look into this art form. Have you been interested in what we've look at on Skill Share?

Use this link and get a 2 months free trial instead of the normal 7 day trial. https://skl.sh/2FwSrQl


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