Photography Month

I've never been one for photography. It was my worst module at University and despite my ability to make films I just can't seem to create great photos. Perhaps having a wife who can do it properly means I never had to try, or maybe it's that I've always preferred to draw something than take a picture of it...

Since this yearly challenge is about growth, this month was photography month. With Lockdown restrictions and Christmas looming I decided to do this a little differently than originally planned. I have been taking pictures of things with interesting textures and making them even more abstract to use as textures on Photoshop. This way I've built a genuinely useful bank of resources rather than a mediocre bank of images my 2 year old may rival.

Sadly, my personal Instagram has had it's login email address changed so the account is now void and useless. As such I wasn't able to post daily shots (6 days a week for 4 weeks). Below is my "daily" shot in one big chunk. I hope to make a post about how to use these textures when Photoshop month begins.

Next month... drawing!

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