Past-Time to Part-Time

September 2020 marks the beginning of Sogol Design Limited moving out of the evening and weekends and into the working week.

With the increased hours now available to us, we are giving ourselves a culture of learning and are dedicating each month to developing different skills that benefit our clients by continually improving the quality of work we produce.

Each week we will produce posts documenting our learning and at the end of the month we will conclude all our findings to produce valuable take-away content for you.

Stick around and see how our learning process benefits you!

  1. September: Copywriting

  2. October: Calligraphy

  3. November: Coding

  4. December: Photography

  5. January: Drawing

  6. February: Colouring/painting.

  7. March: Animation

  8. April: Photoshop

  9. May: Print Design

  10. June: Advertising

  11. July: Web Design/UX/UI

  12. August: Logo Design

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