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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

When writing it is important to think about what category of writing you are producing or what combination you are utilising for maximum effect.

Corbett and Strong label these six categories and give the following advice. Find their book here. We suggest you use these points as a little cheat sheet after deciding on the strategy behind your writing.


  • Select most interesting events

  • Use detail to help people ‘see’ what happened.

  • Add interesting extra information or comments.


  • Work out the correct order carefully.

  • Numbers/bullets help

  • Clear and to the point.

  • Diagrams?


  • Select the vital information and the interesting ones.

  • Diagrams and visuals for main points.

  • Commentary and personal views can show enthusiasm.


  • Diagrams and images.

  • Explain why this explanation might be useful.


  • Decide the best way to persuade the reader - facts or feelings?

  • Raise counter-arguments to undermine reader objections.

  • Clarity of reason, helpful facts, explain why something might be important.


  • See it from the perspective of the reader.

  • Explain why topic is important

  • Make sure the argument is balanced and fair.

  • Talk to the reader, drawing them into thinking deeper.

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