Drawing Month

The lesson you learn from drawing everyday is relatively simple. Practice makes progress. Not perfection as clearly evident below but that progress takes time and effort.

With endless quick wins offered on the internet it’s a humbling reminder.

I decided that I would try and fill some pages in a sketchbook so I ripped out my shockingly bad school “Art” work and got started with my now skinny A3 sketchpad.

What I thought would be a drawing a day developed into something else as time seems to slow down and speed up when I get lost in drawing. Again, some drawings took longer than others so I decided to run with it and not get held up. The only rule was to keep each page on theme.

So I decided to cover the following through whimsical whims and sporadic inspiration.

Attempt multiple angles of the same face from one reference.

Draw anatomy of the human head and body.

Draw random shapes and turn them into faces.

Draw the Simpsons.

Draw women (without references like a muppet)

Try the same drawing three times to see progress.

Draw a dog becoming a man.

Draw a superhero head.

Draw some cheetahs.

And before I knew it the month was up and I have to move on. I think that has been the hardest thing. Getting into the rhythm of so many fun things to have to drop them for another.

I think the main point of this exercise for someone who is okay at sketching is that time and practice make such a big difference. I know if I spent longer drawing I would get better so the real question is motivation and do you have it.

Scroll down to see the month as a whole and two recommendations. I always enjoy the zoomed out approach. Next month - colour.

Quick Recommendations

@AaronBlaiseArt - Incredible ex Disney animator. His painting and online courses are incredible. Find him on youtube or his website www.creatureartteacher.com

@Mitchleewe - Instagram artist/teacher

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