Copywriting Month Summary

It's been a month. We've been looking at Copywriting and learning all we can on the topic to further develop our creative skills.

We've read:

- Read Me, 10 Lessons for Writing Great Copy - Horberry & Lingwood

- The Secret of Literacy, making the implicit explicit - Didau.

We've taken the following courses on Skillshare:

- Going Viral: Write, Film & Make Content People Share

- Copywriting For Beginners: How to write web copy that sells without being cheesy

And dipped in and out of these courses and books:

- Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales: Time-Tested Tactics that Prompt Action

- Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results

- Prototyping for Web

- Smart Responsive UX Design

- Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

- Unleashing the IdeaVirus

- Glyph*

-Hey Whipple, Squeeze this.

We've learnt a lot and documented most of it in 6 blogs along the way. We've decided to break it down into micro-content on social media for quick digestion. Keep your eyes peeled for that! @sogol_design_limited

Next month is Calligraphy and we'll bring you a range of content as the month goes on.

Until next time.

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