Colour/Painting Month

Fun. That's what this month was. Fun. Digital painting is a whole world of exploration. See below for some recommended courses/content as well as my "daily" attempts. As you go deeper into digital painting it absorbs so much time that I had to spread the challenge out. Loved every moment of it.

For the whole challenge I've been using Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium) except one study I used a Surface Pro for location purposes.

I've learnt a lot from these three places.

Aaron Blaise - Digital Painting in Photoshop - picked this up for £5 in an absurd sale. So in depth as always with Aaron. Very traditional art with the Disney twist you get after working on the likes of Lion King, Beauty and Beast and Brother Bear.

The Futur - Colour for creatives. - Got early bird pricing for this too. A cracking tutorial video series. One of my favourites from the Futur. Surprised me too. Relatively cheap and gave a lot of practical advice for all aspects of design.

Imad Awan - Youtube - Free content on concept art. Fantastic free brushes! This lead to other channels too. There are loads. Almost too many to focus on but one for every style that you like. I binged a lot and you'll find my references easily enough with a bit of looking.

I've really enjoyed this. Something I'd like to continue as a creative non-profit release. Composition and colour have taught me a lot this month and I think it'll really help future graphic design work.

Next month. Animation.

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