Coding Month Summary

4 weeks in not enough time to learn coding. This is my main (obvious) summary of this month. I sat down, virtually, with Jono who we work alongside for projects that require coding and I was amazed at a few things.

Firstly, coding for websites requires at least 3 languages to be understood. HTML, CSS and Javascript. That's a lot to take in in 4 weeks. Just over a week per language.

Secondly, I learnt that there are so many amazing free resources to learn from and there are even more that offer code for free that you can use to patch up your own website. Although, this too isn't quite as easy as you'd hope.

A particular favourite free resource is w3schools. I burnt through a lot of tutorials and exercises. I also needed one on one help applying it completely myself which was quite surprising for someone who has done basic back end programming before.

My project was to build a website and I made a landing page... However, I won't quit on this. I am building a website with multiple pages and had to shift my focus away from coding and into UX/UI. From Dreamweaver to Adobe XD. XD enables me to build the website visually using all the right dimensions and once I am happy with my animated result I will go back and attempt to create the website. Here is a snippet of the current wireframe, hopefully that helps explain why it's taking so long...

Looking ahead that may take a while especially because next month has a challenge in its own right!

Little nuggets of lessons will come through our Instagram feed in due course but for now this little post is all there is. More to come!

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