PJB Accounting

Logo Redesign

PJB Accounting rebranded in 2020 when they decided to take their 18 years of service in the accounting world into the digital world. Attempting to redesign on their own they approached Sogol to take their ideas to the next level.

Sogol Design is da bomb.

Peter Bunting

This was a really interesting project as we picked it up part way through the design process. With coding skills in-house, a new website had already been created by PJB Accounting and now their logo looked out of place. We presented three concepts and within a week PJB Accounting had all the relevant files to take their new logo and put it in the real world. To help them visualise this we produced some bonus Mockups to show what the future could look like.

Our goal for this project was to keep the core of the rebrand whilst ensuring that the quality of the company was reflected in the brand visuals. We love the choice in Font that keeps the unusual J letter form and provides the professional feel it was lacking. This particular variation of the icon oozes quality and represents the brand's three core values working in harmony together.

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