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104 Pentrebane

Concept Work

104 Pentrebane is a concept work for @Life_at_104. We designed this identity from scratch and built it around the properties best qualities. It is a luxary B&B identity system that radiates quality and minimalism.

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Our pastel colour pallet reflects the calming tone and style of the B&B facilities available. The variety of colour allows for future creativity in the company's design endeavours. Your colour scheme must work well with your facilities in order to ensure that strong brand consistency. This means that your brand will always look uniform and professional whenever and wherever it is found.

For this identity design project it we needed to produce a whole identity system. We created a style that used the logos key feature, the broken box. This enabled a theme to be established across the marketing material. The website utilises these features and keeps a minimal design. Minimal design is often too scary for people as they fear it will look simple and basic. However, when done right, minimalism screams class and elegance. After all, “Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated.”

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