About Sogol. Logo & design services for property based industries.

What does Sogol mean? Well it's pronounced "SO-GUL" and it could be a Turkish-Egyptian name meaning "beautiful", or perhaps it's just Logos backwards. After a few years of running, Google told us it's Indonesian for "ridiculous" and we're not sure if we love or loathe that bit...

Anyway, Sogol is us. Sam & Charlotte Fraser. We became a limited liability company in 2019 after the past-time became part-time and we needed to give it the time and energy it deserved. 

Wanting to create value and streamline our skills, we decided to niche in a largely unfocused market. As a small "agency", we can afford to specialise where other companies clearly won't or can't. 

As we fine tune our craft through repetition and learning, we become more and more efficient at being able to produce consistent outcomes that your company should expect as a norm. 


When we can't maintain the workflow, or aren't the experts on the matter, we partner with trusted freelancers that we've known personally for years. Work is always kept "in-house" to guarantee the Sogol standard of work and who knows, one day we may even be able to employ them full time. That's a nice dream. But we're here for yours so we'll stop.



We're currently producing work for industries such as:

  • Estate Agents & Mortgage Advisors

  • Solicitors (Commercial Property etc)

  • Housing Companies

  • Hotels & B&Bs




Sogol Design really listened to what we wanted to achieve and we are delighted with the design. Thank you Sogol.


Every deadline was met, communication was flawless, attitudes were brilliant.  Thanks so much again to the team!


Sogol Design helped us to get clear on what we wanted and delivered a package of designs that work for every platform we use them for. They were reliable, trustworthy and I would highly recommend them.


Some of the best communicators we’ve worked with, ensuring all parties were clear on deadlines, scope of work and expectations. Thanks Sogol Design, I’m sure we will work together again soon.