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Moorlands Youth

Logo design (x3) and print collateral

Moorlands Youth is a subsection of Moorlands Church, Lancaster. With an aim to reach 11-18 year olds in the local area they run a number of aged based groups after school with regular events. Moorlands Youth came to Sogol for a complete identity package to boost the excitement of the new church building and the changes to the youth program.

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For the Moorlands Youth brand identity package we created all aspects together to ensure harmony between them. With a mark that combines M + Y we produced three logos, editable brochure templates, and business card invites for the youth to give out to their friends. All of these were united through a colour scheme and consistent typography.

Through the American University style font, we were able to merge the M + Y in a way that reflects youthfulness and yet retains quality. The mark is simple in it's nature but has the slight reveal as you understand the significance of the Y. This assists the memorability of the logo. To ensure that each sub-brand was coordinated we drew attention to the letter 'O' in both names. Each icon is recognisable and supports the mean of the name whilst providing a theme for future media. You can see below how Connect utilises dotted lines and circles whereas Focus uses concentric circles to draw the readers eye in, focusing their attention.

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