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Logo Redesign

Plugged in Electricians provide domestic and commercial electrical services that are designed to meet the current regulations for safe and convenient electrics. Based in Silverdale, Plugged in Electricians work in the North Lancashire and South Lakeland district of Cumbria.

Sogol Design really listened to what we wanted to achieve and we are delighted with the design. Thank you Sogol.

Peta Heron

For every logo design we explore multiple options for our clients. This will generally consist of three choices that all offer a subtle change in direction. For Plugged In Electricians we offered a range of ideas that suggested different things about the business as you can see by the three choices above. Having selected the most corporate looking design and providing feedback, Plugged In Electricians went through internal revisions to ensure the corporate design retained some of the friendly local business it was built on. By using a more rounded font and removing a level of the abstract nature in the icon, Plugged In Electricians was ready to be presented. After a meeting with the owner of the company, the new logo was immediately uploaded onto their website and business materials with no revisions required.

A logo has to work in multiple places. That's why we developed a mark for Plugged in Electricians that can work on it's own or with the company name. Using the colour scheme of the old logo we created a simple and recognisable mark that works in colour or black and white. By adding in the negative space in the tie of the letter E we created a fully scalable mark that will modernize the brand's image whilst preparing it for it's digital future.

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Based in Lancaster, UK

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